Great Rock Music is always highly sought after for its unique energy and  vibe, and AHOLA’s debut album STONEFACE fits the bill perfectly by opening to the listener like a bottle of fine wine which contains a bouquet of heavy and genuine mix of past and present. Vintage rock nouveau – that’s it! The band is currently recording a sequel to this timeless piece of Hard Rock Music.

The body of the music is dominated by clear and strong undertones and flavoured with experience-deepening nuances. Its character consists of hit tunes, feeling and power, and the great mouthfeel it leaves sets the band to be a long-lasting favourite for parties, weekend rockers and lovers of rock music in general.

Jarkko “J” Ahola, one of Finland’s finest vocalists and performers (also known for Teräsbetoni, Northern Kings, Raskasta Joulua, Oulu All Star Big Band goes Heavy and his own platinum selling album Ave Maria – Classics of Christmas etc.), has an omnipresent writing style that draws from a wide variety of influences and leads him to produce memorable lyrics, riffs and melodies. He’s mostly known for his lyrics in Finnish, but for this new band he has chosen to again write in English, “the language of rock”.

The band is built around long-term friendships and has a solid and powerful combination at its core. Antti Mäkelä is on drums and Jari Laitinen on bass, while Antti Karhumaa delivers the essential lead guitarist requirements skillfully in great solos and melodic fills, and J. Ahola carries the vocals and rhythm guitar.