AHOLA  - New homepage!

Here it is, a new AHOLA-homepage for your pleasure. It’s here we’re going to build up all the good stuff from the news to the pictures, videos, possible diaries from the studio and from the road – and of course, all about the music.



Things are looking good with the upcoming AHOLA-album. Jari’s bass tracks are recorded and everything went smoothly. J worked as a recording tech and a producer. Some beer was also consumed …but that’s another story.

AHOLA - Stoneface

While the band is preparing a new album, we’re asking you: Have you already heard the debut album Stoneface? If not, it’s not too late to pickup one timeless Hard Rock record  for yourself. Just click the picture for more!!

AHOLA is back in the studio! The band has finished recording the drum tracks and the story continues with the bass tracks and the acoustic guitar tracks as well.