AHOLA on Radio Rock – NOW!

Today approx. 7. pm an interview and a radio exclusive of a song “Road Of Creation” @ Radio Rock’s Iltavuoro. So, turn your radio on and give it a listen. More info about the album soon!

Tänään n. klo 19 eteenpäin Radio Rockin  Iltavuorossa haastis ja eksklusiivisoitossa uutuusjyrä “Road Of Creation”. Ei muuta kuin radio auki ja korva kaiuttimelle. Lisää tietoa  albumista piakkoin!

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  1. Hi dear people and AHOLA Band 🙂 We just wanted to tell you we have an English translation for all of you non Finnish speaking fans out there on J. Ahola Rock Musician with a Difference and Ahola Dream Team on Facebook so you can all read about the upcoming new AHOLA album 🙂 Wishing AHOLA the very best for the finishing touches on what promises to be a truly awesome album 😀
    Warm regards
    Tee_&_Gee 🙂

  2. We have a link to this interview and we will be sharing a translation for all English speaking fans as we have had a lot of questions about this. J. talks about the upcoming AHOLA album and what it will be like and it is an excellent interview, so please come to Ahola Dream Team and we will try and have the translation for you , the latest by early next week, but we aim for having it there in the next day or so for you all 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/AholaDreamTeam?ref=hl

  3. We truly were blown away by this awesome amazing song, Road of my Creation. The sound is uncompromisingly heavy and yet so melodic, complex , rich , multi layered and so haunting. It is a huge song with heart and soul, the way it starts is so heavy and the chorus is so unexpected and yet fits so perfectly. Once again AHOLA proves they have the perfect mix to make a truly perfect song. We cannot wait for this album and want to share this with the whole wide world as it will be so outstanding. Again this proves just what an incredibly gifted song writer, singer, musician J. Ahola is 😀

  4. Gave it a listen and then some more. Now I have the riff stuck in my head 😀 What a cool song! “Hard and heavy”, yea, but also other things. The song is full of contrasts and at the same time easy to follow from the first listening because everything just flows. It’s so great and sounds very AHOLA! Can’t wait to listen to it in CD quality to be able to grasp each and every nuance of it. Way to go, guys! Eagerly looking forward to March!!

  5. Iltaa! 🙂

    Yea … listened today Your’s short interview at Radio Rock “Evening shift” aproximately in 19:10 and after following song from new album – “Road Of Creation”.
    You’re right, it sounded “heavy and hard” 🙂 I liked some instrumental part too.
    Must note that nice lyrics indeed. No doubt, every way to creation is very “heavy and hard”! 😉

    So my first perceiving in a hurry in this first sound ….something like a “meaning”: …
    “Come with me, take my hand, I will try to understand!” :))
    Sure, there was a bit different text in that song, but this was a way how I perceived at first hearing song.

    If all songs on album also in “that way”… then must say… Yeahhh! 🙂

    Ok, maybe all those moments “from somebody’s life” … but main thing there is try to go on positive and optimistic thoughts, with mutual understanding and in hopeful way, even if it can be “heavy and hard” for some reason.
    But You will have once Your Great Day!
    Hyvää meininki! 🙂
    It mean – many things which you want to happen, it can be out as good as you expected. And it should be! Yeah! Let It be! 🙂

    Loistavaa! 🙂

    p.s. so… now waiting for second part of March! 😉

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