AHOLA : Still Metal – check it out!

You can now listen Still Metal from YouTube. Get ready for some ass kicking heavy + metal!

Still Metal on kuunneltavissa YouTubessa. Valmistaudu tuntemaan takamuksessasi potkun tunteita, koska tämä on hevi + metalli!

One Comment on “AHOLA : Still Metal – check it out!

  1. What a song and what a sound! Awesome job, guys! Listening to it out loud with headphones is close to a religious experience, especially towards the end and when that huge “boom” enters.

    Btw, you know what makes your music so special? That it isn’t obvious, predictable… if you know what I mean. While you only need one listen to get into the song, there are things that subtly go the unexpected way and it totally thrills me.

    AHOLA rocks so much and I’m sure you guys are going to get the recognition you deserve with this new album. Such great music can’t simply go unnoticed.

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