Pre-order “Tug of War” / Tilaa ennakkoon “Tug of War”

You can now pre-order AHOLA’s upcoming album “Tug of War” (out 21st of March)  from Record Shop X. They ship worldwide, so no problemo! Click HERE to enter the X-site.

Tilaa ennakkoon AHOLAn uusi albumi “Tug of War” (julkaistaan 21. maaliskuuta) Levykauppa Äxästä. Klikkaappa TÄNNE päästäksesi Äxän sivulle.

AHOLA - Tug of war - cover

3 Comments on “Pre-order “Tug of War” / Tilaa ennakkoon “Tug of War”

  1. AHOLA – “Tug of War”-CD + AHOLA-T-shirt from Record Shop X

    It is so easy by internet – or like I do it, just by one phone call to number: +35840143 2280 (asiakaspalvelu/ kundservice/ Helpdesk/ customer service/ servicio al cliente/ Kundendienst).

    The staff is very helpful and friendly there, and every time the products have been very soon in my post office.

    They promised, that CD + T-shirt will be in my nearest post office just at that release date 21.03.2014. Special thanks for the stuff of Record Shop X.

    The lyrics of songs “AHOLA – Road of Creation” and “AHOLA – Still Metal” are just perfect – full of sincere and kind of reflective messages. I understand so, that the “guiding star” and tone colour of Jii`s music is basically Metal… no matter, what song Jii will sing… and what ever way he goes. And I love that way. I appreciate Jii`s courage and honesty…and what most importat: the honesty towards himself. I think, that it`s not always so easy for human beeings to find the focus of life or for beeing here and for the main doings. I think, too, that when listening the voice of own heart – the voice of that guiding star – the doings will rise straight from heart. And that is happening in your work, Jii. I think, I have so much to learn from your way to think about life, Jii… Thank you Jii and other AHOLA-artists!

    Låt oss njuta av AHOLA-musik, var så god.
    Let`s enjoy AHOLA-musik, please.
    Disfrutamos de la AHOLA-música, por favor.
    Geniessen Sie AHOLA-Musik, bitte.

  2. THANKS!
    I’ve ordered my cd + T-shirt and now I just CAN’T WAIT for March 21th…
    Especially if I succeed to arrange myself to Hyvinkää gig!!! 🙂

  3. Heips!
    Levyn kansi näyttää upealta, ja mahtava on myös ensimmäinen maistiaisbiisi! Kiitos!!!
    Ennen kuin teen ennakkotilaukseni, kysyn vielä: onkohan suunnitteilla jotain cd + T-paita -yhdistelmää? Viimeksi kuulemma sellainen oli, ja toivoisinpa samaa nytkin, että minäkin saisin oman AHOLA-paitani… 🙂

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