Thank you! / Kiitos!

We want to express our gratitude to you, dear fans and listeners for making us reach 14th place on official Finnish album chart. It’s all thanks to you! Without your commitment and contribution we would hardly even be on that chart. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Let’s hope that growing number of people will now find our new album, “Tug of War”.

Haluamme osoittaa kiitollisuuttamme teille 14. sijasta Suomen virallisella albumilistalla, arvon fanit ja kuuntelijat. Tuo kaikki on teidän ansiotanne! Ilman sitoutumistanne ja apuanne tuskin edes olisimme koko listalla. Kiitos, kiitos, KIITOS! Toivotaan että kasvava yleisö löytäisi levymme Tug of War.

Thank you all for the gigs so far. It’s been great! / Kiitos kaikille myös keikoista tähän asti. Meininki on ollut hienoa!



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  1. This is my review of your new album which is truly outstanding and brilliant 🙂
    It is not often these days that I eagerly await a new album on tenterhooks as I awaited this release. I loved AHOLA’s debut album Stoneface and so I could not wait for this one which was released 2 years after their debut. It did not disappoint but surpassed all my expectations and those were very high.
    This album shows how the band has grown and there are 4 songs written together and again one song (a follow up to Beerland 1) from the guitarist Antti “Anza” Karhumaa of this band.
    J. Ahola’s voice is what I consider to be the best in Europe and his writing never fails to impress me. The songs are brilliant and as the band has matured it shows in the 4 songs they co wrote together (J. and Antti Mäkelä (drummer of AHOLA and J. and Jari “Jamo” Laitinen bassist). The music to me echoes the greatest music of heavy rock or metal at its prime, you can hear Rainbow, DIO, Whitensnake, AC/DC and Queen in there and yet it is delivered with a complete new take making it unique but identifiable as AHOLA. The songs are filled with incredible riffs, catchy chorus, hauntingly beautiful melodies, and lyrics with incredible feel that are very memorable. The surprising structure of these songs are really thought provoking as one gets surprised at how the song changes at certain times and yet once heard one can never imagine any other way this song could possibly be written. But this juxtaposition is also what makes AHOLA so different. There are heavy epic rock anthems as well as rock ballads that bring tears to your eyes. There is a lot of variety to find on this album and yet once again it is pure AHOLA or the sound that typifies them. J. Ahola sings with his whole soul and heart and he is sublime, in certain songs one can hear echoes of Coverdale and other great vocalists and sometime even hear echoes of Freddie Mercury at his best. The lyrics are all interesting themes and stories that all touched my soul. The production of this album is superb and the mix brilliant. You can hear the best of all the instruments as they can be heard clearly. The rhythm section rocks (what an incredible tight bass sound, very flash playing) Anza on guitar, is magnificent, so much feel and again such a grand sound. What can else can I say? Do your self a favor and buy this album, I promise you will not be disappointed. I really hope that AHOLA finds a large audience as being Finnish they are in a smaller market and deserve a much larger fan base as this album proves. Please go and check out this band and this album. So far they have made it to number 14 on the Finnish Official Charts, they deserve to be in the international charts and hopefully they will make it there as they should rank high with this sublime album. We found them and we live so far away from Finland, in fact I doubt you could get farther away so my hope is that distance will not limit any new listeners and that this album by AHOLA makes it onto the shelves of many many new listeners and fans. AHOLA rocks!!!!

  2. Terveiset Jarkolle, todella hienoa kuultavaa. Ääni ja esiintyminen on nyt sillä mallilla, että Suomesta eikä Skandinaviastakaan löydy vastaavaa. Sen huomaa myös näistä eturivin kaartin yhteisesiintymisistä. Kun tulee Jaken vuoro niin muut vaan naurahtaa hämmästyksestä ja kuuntelee hiljaa. Toivottavasti ainutlaatuinen lahjakkuus poikii myös tiliä. Itse ainakin sijoittaisin tähän ÄÄNEEN.


  3. Thank you for your words, touching lyrics, music played with skill and nuanced, your friendly way to meet your audience and for your enthusiasm and open-mindedness as well your ability to throw yourself into several projects.

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