AHOLA - Tug of war - cover

AHOLA’s second epic and strong album “Tug of War” is out now! Get you own copy in physical or digital form:




AHOLA on the road:

21/03/14 Hyvinkää, Jalostamo
28/03/14 Helsinki, On The Rocks
17/04/14 Tampere, Yo-talo
20/04/14 Seinäjoki, Rytmikorjaamo
25/04/14 Kuopio, Henry´s Pub
26/04/14 Nivala, Puustelli
10/05/14 Turku, Ilta/ Klubi
23/05/14 Imatra, Osmos Cosmos Bar
24/05/14 TBA
25/07/14 Turku, DBTL

4 Comments on “TUG OF WAR OUT NOW!

  1. So, I got the new CD.

    At first I had to look that all around, turn it and look, turn and look…and guess what? I like most the rope… I can almost hear the creacy voices of the masts, screeching gulls, heavy swell against the cliffs…As a friend of the sea and yachting, I like the cover. Lets weigh the anchors!

    Then I like the BIG TEXTS among the pictures. They somehow crystallize the ideas.

    Now I started to read the lyrics. That`s the order for me to get into the songs. So, lets see, if this causes a complete revolution in my mind. At least I can expect that on grounds of previous signs.

    And then sometimes this evening, I finally lounge on my sofa under a warm woolen blanket and start listening…

    Thank you! And all the best to you all!

    • Yeah, now I`ve been listening that CD twice.

      I want to say, that your lyrics are perfect. They paint the life events and states of mind as well as the relentless will to listen to your inner voice. I feel, that you in your lyrics broach universal human issues. I love your lyrics. 🙂

      And in my opinion the music is easy to listen, althoug is is heavy rock, it sounds kind of softer and easier to follow – to get on the same wavelength and speed.

      I feel, that this CD Tug of War is a very successful product, entirely.

      My son has been listening this CD, too, and he says, that the product is advanced – moved in the right direction.

      If I had to mention one song, that is “One Among the Crowd”. You say it so well: …”What it is that makes us go where ever all the four winds blow? I cannot say why do we stray. Can we calm and stop the motion, breathe awhile and free emotions we repress?” (J.Ahola&A.Mäkelä: song “One Among the Crowd”/AHOLA: Tug of War)

      You guys can really be proud of this Tug of War.

      And the T-shirt is nice, so clear …and a bit “marine”, too. 😉

      So, raise the sails, and let the favorable fitting winds carry you. Thank you! 🙂

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