We just released a demo version of We Want Out that was later released on album Stoneface. The song was mainly recorded when AHOLA was still a trio and Antti Karhumaa was a stranger to the band. Later, when he joined the band, he added some guitar licks and improvised solos to the end of the song. There just might be some J’s soloing here, too. Thanks for listening!

Since the band members are busy on other duties at the moment, AHOLA is laying low this time. We thought this would give us a chance for us to tell you a little bit about the backround of our songs. If you got interested, please check out our Facebook-page. The text is in Finnish but AHOLA Spain is kindly translating the stories for you. Click the picture below!


We want to express our gratitude to you, dear fans and listeners for making us reach 14th place on official Finnish album chart. It’s all thanks to you! Without your commitment and contribution we would hardly even be on that chart. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Let’s hope that growing number of people will now find our new album, “Tug of War”.

Haluamme osoittaa kiitollisuuttamme teille 14. sijasta Suomen virallisella albumilistalla, arvon fanit ja kuuntelijat. Tuo kaikki on teidän ansiotanne! Ilman sitoutumistanne ja apuanne tuskin edes olisimme koko listalla. Kiitos, kiitos, KIITOS! Toivotaan että kasvava yleisö löytäisi levymme Tug of War.

Thank you all for the gigs so far. It’s been great! / Kiitos kaikille myös keikoista tähän asti. Meininki on ollut hienoa!



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